Season 4!

   The MartBomb - Engie   - 9/3/2018
Hey everyone! We're proud to announce our fourth season, powered by and!
As you may already know, Season 4 is Highlander.
This season we'll be following the RGLHL ruleset. For more information, check out our official rules.
The prize pool starts at 18 keys, and may be more based on donations and participant count.
The event is on October 20th in NA and November 3rd in EU.

All players must not have more than the following experience. All player game info must be public. These can be waived by an admin, please contact us if you have a player who you want to roster but has more experience then listed below in rules 2.2.1-2.2.4. If a player on your team exceeds these requirements without special approval, the player or team may be disqualified or otherwise penalized
2.2.1 UGC Mid Steel (4-4 W:L Ratio)
2.2.2 Rec-B
2.2.3 ETF2L Open
2.2.4 4K hours in game

Remember, each team must have at least 7 rostered players to be placed in matches, and no more than 12 rostered players at any time.

Good Luck, and Have Fun!